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Impressions of the workshop

Agenda & Opening Words

Toward Safe, Weather Resilient ATM Systems: Wind & Wake-Vortex Mitigation
Thierry Beauvais, Key Technology Domain PCC (Processing, Computing & Cognition) Director, THALES

Welcome & Workshop Introduction
Frederic Barbaresco, Task Leader - WakeNet3-Europe, THALES AIR SYSTEMS
Carsten Schwarz, Greenwake, DLR

Day 1 - Monday, 29th of March, 2010

Next Generation Operational Met Office Weather Radars and Products
P. Tabary & J. Parent-du-chatelet / Meteo-France, France

Wind Field Observations with a Monostatic and Bistatic C-band Doppler Radar Network
M. Hagen / DLR, Germany

Multi-Static X-Band Radar
J. Saebboe / TRIAD, Norway

HYDRIX: An X Band Radar to Monitor Atmospheric Hazards for Airport
J. Testut / NOVIMET, France

DWD’s New Remote Wind Sensing Equipment for An Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS)
T. Wetter & F. Lehrnickel / DWD, Germany

All Weather Wind Monitoring with Integrated Radar and Lidar
S. Hannon / Lockheed CT, USA

Vaisala UHF Wind Profiler, Optimizing the Wind Measurement
J. Polvinen / VAISALA, Finland

UHF Wind Profiler Radar Applications in Aviation Support
P. Currier/ Degreane Horizon, Vinci Group, France

Long-term Radar Wind Profiler and Windline Measurements for the Wake Vortex Warning System at Frankfurt Airport
J. Konopka/ DFS, Germany

New Long Range Lidar for Airport Wind Profiling
L. Sauvage, J.P. Cariou / LEOSPHERE, France

Aviation ZephIR: Lidar Wind Profiling and Wake Vortex Detection
C.Hill / Qinetiq, UK

Lidar Wind-Shear Monitoring : Nice Airport Trials
Florence Besson, Jean-Louis Maridet & Alain Dabas / Meteo-France,

Wind Monitoring Using 2nd Generation Wind Lidars (File 1, File 2)
Peter Clive / Renewable Energy Consultant, France

Wind Lidar as an Aid to Airport Security Under Unfavourable Weather Conditions
P. Martinez & A. Alcayde / ADTelecom, Spain

LIDAR Airborne Aerodynamic Sensors
A. Verbeke / THALES Avionics, France

Potential Use of Aircraft Derived Meteorological Data for Wake Turbulence Applications
E. Johnson / FAA, USA

Day 2 - Tuesday, 30th of March, 2010

High Resolution W-Band Radar Detection and Characterization of Aircraft Wake Vortices in Precipitation
T. A. Seliga & J. B. Mead / ProSensing Inc., USA

High Doppler Resolution X-band Wake-Vortex Radar : CDG Airport Trials
F. Barbaresco / THALES AIR SYSTEMS, France

Electronic-Scanning X-band Wake Vortex Radar : First Demonstrator

Study on Wake Vortex Electromagnetic Model and Radar Detection Technologies
X. WANG / NUDT, China

Multi-Physics Electromagnetic/Fluid-Mechanical Simulator of Radar WV Monitoring
D. Vanhoenacker-Janvier / UCL, Belgium

Acoustic Technology for Wake Vortex Detection
W. W. Durgin / Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Bi-static Radio-Acoustic System for Wake Vortex Monitoring
J. Saebboe / TRIAD, Norway

Enroute Wake Vortex Flight Data Acoustic Signature Characteristics
A.P. Brown / NRC, Canada

Pulsed 1.5 micron Lidar for Wake Vortex Measurements and Monitoring : CREDOS Trials on Frankfurt Airport
J.P.Cariou & A.Dolfi / LEOSPHERE & ONERA, France

Measurement of Aircraft Wake Vortices Using Doppler 1.5 micron LIDAR
H. Kato & S. Fujita / Tohoku University & ENRI, Japan

Airborne and Ground based Wake Vortex Measurements with Pulsed Lidar
T. Gerz or F. Holzäpfel / DLR, Germany

Assessment of Pulsed Lidar Measurements of Aircraft Wake Vortex Positions Using a Lidar Simulator
D. Delisi / NorthWest Research Associates, USA

Radiometric Detection of Aviation Hazards
L. West / GTRI, USA

GreenWake : UV Lidar for Wake Vortex Detection
J. Storey / Green-Wake project technical co-ordinator, Lidar Technologies Ltd, UK

GreenWake : Wake Vortex Detection Simulations
Sébastien Lugan / Green-Wake project, UCL-TELE, Belgium

Wake Turbulence Measurements – Practical experience, considerations, contributions made to NAS and science to date
F. Wang / Volpe, USA

Wake Vortex Tracker for Radar/Lidar Sensors
Shanna Schoenhals, Meiko Steen / Institute of Flight Guidance , TU-Braunschweig, Germany

WakeNet3-Europe Project Update
Andreas Reinke, WN3E Coordinator

IDRA, IRCTR Drizzle Radar: A High Resolution FMCW X-band Doppler Polarimetric Weather Radar
Jordi Figueras, Meteo France