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The Specific Workshop "Operational Wake Vortex Models" had been held on 7th and 8th of November, 2011 at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL).

The agenda as held can be found here.

The presentations itself can be found below.

The VIPER Model (Vortex algorithm Including Parameterized Entrainment Results)
Don Delisi

The Probabilistic Two-Phase Wake Vortex Decay and Transport Model: Recent Developments and Applications
Frank Holzäpfel

The WAKE4D Platform with the Deterministic wake Vortex Model (DVM) and the Probabilistic wake Vortex Model (PVM): Description and Applications
Grégoire Winckelmans

Development of a New Probabilistic Wake Vortex Prediction Model
Matt Pruis

Wake Vortex Separation Reduction Systems and Large Eddy Simulation of Wake Vortex during Approach
Zhao Hong-sheng

Recent Improvement of Operational Models Concerning: the Modeling of In-Ground Effects; the Modeling of Atmospheric Stratification and Turbulence Effects
Ivan De Visscher

Development and Identification of an Analytical Wake Vortex Model Applying Vortex Line Geometries Derived from LES
Dennis Vechtel

Application of Wake Vortex Models in Encounter Simulations
David Bieniek