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The first WN3E Workshop on Wake Turbulence Safety in Future Aircraft Operations was hosted by Thales Air Systems and took place at Thales University in Jouy-en-Josas, near Paris, France, on January 8th & 9th 2009

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Day 1 - Thursday, January 8th  
08:30 Registration 
09:00 Welcome & Introduction 
Andreas Reinke, Coordinator - WakeNet3-Europe, Airbus
Thierry Beauvais, VP Research and Technologies, Thales Air Systems
Dietrich Knörzer, Scientific Officer, European Commission
09:30 Topic 1 : Wake Vortex Concepts in SESAR and NextGen
Chair: Jean-Luc Marchand / EUROCONTROL
09:30 SESAR Overall Framework and Concept
Robert Graham / EUROCONTROL
10:00 Wake Vortex Topics in SESAR
David Booth / EUROCONTROL, Andrew Harvey / EUROCONTROL
10:30 Wake Vortex in the Context of NextGen
Steven Lang / FAA, Jeff Tittsworth / FAA 
11:00 Standardization Activities for Wake Vortex Data Link Services
Laurence Mutuel / Thales Avionics,  Wayne Bryant / FAA,  Ernie Dash / FAA
11:30 Break
12:00 Topic 2 : Operational Detection and Prediction of Wake Vortices
Chair: Sebastian Kauertz / Airbus
12:00 Some reflections on the achievable quality of operational wake vortex prediction using operational met and a/c inputs
Gregoire Winckelmans / UCL 
12:25 On the maturity of wake vortex observation, prediction, and validation
Frank Holzäpfel / DLR
12:50 Lunch
14:25 Near-field evolution of trailing vortices and initialization of far-field models
Jeffrey Crouch / Boeing 
14:50 Pulsed 1.5 µm LIDAR for aircraft wake vortex detection and monitoring
Agnes Dolfi-Bouteyre / ONERA
15:15 Wake vortex X-band radar monitoring: Paris-CDG airport 2008 campaign results & perspectives
Frederic Barbaresco / Thales Air Systems
15:40 Break
16:10 First approach to wake vortex prediction and detection integrated fusion filters
Shanna Schoenhals / TU Braunschweig,  Meiko Steen / TU Braunschweig
16:35 Wake vortex detection using Flight Data Recorder data registered on board aircraft 
Henk Haverdings / NLR 
17:00 FAR-Wake: Fundamental Research on Aircraft Wake Phenomena
Thomas Leweke / IRPHE CNRS 
17:25 End of Day 1 
19:00 Social Event
Day 2 - Friday, January 9th  
08:00 Opening
08:30 Topic 3 : Wake Vortex related Safety Cases for Operational Implementation
Chair: Tim Fowler / Det Norske Veritas 
08:30 Worst-case analysis of wake vortex risk of 700ft vertical separation
Gerben van Baren / NLR
08:55 Wake vortex severity assessment - a core element of the safety case 
Carsten Schwarz / DLR,  Frank Holzäpfel / DLR,  Thomas Gerz / DLR,  Klaus-Uwe Hahn / DLR 
09:20 Development of the Safety Case for the CREDOS operation
Lennaert Speijker / NLR
09:45 Break 
10:15 Airbus wake vortex flight test campaigns and general conclusions
Claude Lelaie / Airbus,  Andreas Reinke / Airbus
10:40 National Rule Change and Follow-on
Steven Lang / FAA, Jeff Tittsworth / FAA
11:05 Wake turbulence safety assessment of the arrival and departure segregated operation in Paris CDG
Vincent Treve / EUROCONTROL
11:30 Developing Local Wake Turbulence Separation Standards (Never Ending Story)
Isa Alkalay / Skyguide 
11:55 Lunch
13:00 Topic 4 : Wake Advisory & Warning Systems
Chair: Peter Eriksen / EUROCONTROL
13:00 ATC-Wake: Integrated ATC Wake Vortex Safety and Capacity System
Lennaert Speijker / NLR 
13:25 Wake Vortex Advisory System
Jean-Francois Moneuse / Thales Air Systems
13:50 Technologies and procedures for wake vortex flight safety in the Russian next-generation air navigation system
Eduard Falkov / GosNII AS 
14:15 Break
14:35 Topic 5 : Towards Recategorisation of Wake Turbulence Separations
Chair: Prof. Robert Luckner / Technische Universität Berlin
14:35 Model-based recategorisation - options and challenges
Andreas Reinke / Airbus 
15:05 RECAT Phase 1: Towards the Identification of new Static Wake Turbulence Categories along with their Associated Wake Turbulence Separation minima
Elsa Freville / EUROCONTROL,  Steven Lang / FAA,  Jeffrey Tittsworth / FAA, Catalin Lepadatu / EUROCONTROL
15:35 Workshop Wrap-up 
Bram Elsenaar / NLR ret.
Andreas Reinke / Airbus 
16:00 End of Workshop