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Project Description


Project name:

Demonstration of LIDAR based wake vortex detection system incorporating an atmospheric hazard map




European Commission (FP 7)


NOV 2008 - JUL 2012

Short synopsis:

The Green-Wake project is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission which will develop and test a short-range (50-100m) Imaging Doppler LIDAR system that is capable of detecting and measuring wake vortices and wind shear phenomena in front of an aircraft. The aim of the project is to develop a system suitable for integration into a commercial aircraft, but also to look at how data are to be supplied to the aircrew most effectively.

Wake vortices and wind shear are major causes of accidents and injuries to passengers and crew of all aircraft types. There are currently few options for protection against these phenomena, and the main way of reducing accidents is to impose mandatory separation times between aircraft which can affect the operating performance of airports.

Internet link:

Project coordinator:

Stephen Bowater, Sula Systems Ltd.